Staff Picks – Week of 03/05/2017

The Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: The Goblin’s Last Stand
Stan Lee (Ha!), Gerry Conway (w), John Romita Snr. (a), Gil Kane (a)
Marvel Comics

Thomas says: This is a great run and one of the most important periods in the life of Peter Parker, culminating in one of the most shocking moments in comics history, let alone that of Spider-Man.

Gerry Conway’s writing is great. It’s action packed and funny without being silly and is just great soap opera, the ‘secret’ ingredient which makes decent super-hero stories so entertaining.

It helps that Conway’s supported by the legendary John Romita and Gil Kane, two of the greatest artists to ever grace the comic page. Romita’s work (along with Buscema) was a huge influence on what would become something of a house style for Marvel especially during the eighties while Kane is a God among Gods.

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1
Gerry Duggan (w), Aaron Kuder (a)
Marvel Comics

Joe says: Issue one of the freshly relaunched Guardians of the Galaxy comic starts with a bang! Duggan is expectedly funny but also brings scale to the book and Kuder translates that beautifully in the interiors.

One of my favourite artists working in comics right now, it’s great to see Kuder on an ongoing series again, especially one that lends itself so well to his aesthetic. I hope to have as much fun with this series as I’m sure the creators are having making it.

Daniel Warren Johnson (w/a) Mike Spicer (c)
Image Comics

Julia says: I finally picked up extremity, it took me a 3rd printing but it was worth it.
The story is gripping, a battle between two clans placed in a futuristic-fantasy universe.

The comic relies heavily in the artwork to tell the story rather than dialog and the creative team has proven to work in perfect harmony to match the tone of the story.

As an artist I must add that the cover and first pages have broken my tinny heart, the only thing I can say is NOT THE DRAWING HAND!

Eternal Empire #1
Sarah Vaughn (w), Jonathan Luna (w/a)
Image Comics

Will says: After the astounding Alex + Ada, Vaughn and Luna return with a new series for Image comics. Eternal Empire is set on a mysterious fantasy world and tells the story of our protagonist struggling with the oppression of the imperialistic regime that plans to conquer all countries. She witnesses visions giving her the motivation to escape the workforce of the cult-like empire.

I am usually very excited for any new fantasy setting book, but I have to admit, I was really craving another love story from these two! That just goes to show how much I miss Alex + Ada. Of course, Luna delivers some absolutely gorgeous art again, but Eternal Empire has really enticed me with it’s world building. A lot of thought has gone into creating the setting, but you don’t feel overwhelmed with exposition and I couldn’t be more excited to explore this world and the characters more.

Crickets #6
Sammy Harkham (w/a)
The Commonwealth Comics Company

Camila says: The intervals between issues of Sammy Harkham‘s Crickets are generally at least one year long, but whenever a new one comes out, it reminds you it’s well worth the wait.

This issue adds another chapter to Harkham’s ongoing story The Blood of Virgin, about the crew of a 1970s exploitation b-movie. Great story, gorgeous art and beautiful presentation.