Staff Picks – Week of 02/08/2017

Marvel Masterworks Savage She-Hulk Volume 1 HC
David Frank Anthony (w), Mike Vosburg (a)
Marvel Comics

Thomas says: This volume reprints issues 1 to 14 of the original She-Hulk series which perplexed me because, for whatever reason, I have been convinced for years that this series was only 16 to 17 issues long. I have collected and then traded in this series of She-Hulk a couple of times in my life and NEVER realised that it was 25 issues long. I’m an idiot.

The plus side of my rampant stupidity is that there are half a dozen or so issues of this great title still out there that I’ve never actually read which is pretty exciting to me and makes the prospective release of a second volume even more of a want.

What’s so great about the current (She-)Hulk series is that Jennifer Walters has owned her Hulk from the very beginning (even now despite the changes), never really being truly out of control and this series shows that wonderfully with some great stories with the occasional guest star including the first meeting between Jennifer and Hellcat.

The volume itself is lovely, with not quite glossy paper that does make the colours a little brighter than originally intended but it’s not too distracting as is so often the case. The binding doesn’t come close to the quality of the DC Golden/Silver Age collections but is good enough for what it is though I do have an issue with the price but then that’s an argument for Marvel’s disgusting pricing across the whole of their output.

Giant Days: Not on the Test Edition Volume 1 HC
John Allison (w/a), Lissa Treiman & Max Sarin (a)
BOOM! Studios

Joe says: Now in a gorgeous hardcover, Giant Days: Not On the Test Edition recollects the first two trades (8 issues) of the hit comic. The book itself is beautifully put together and definitely the premier format in which to own the series but what truly makes this the ultimate edition is the bonus content. Not only is the short story from 2015’s Boom! Box Mix Tape included, but also the first chapter of Allison’s self-published Giant Days series, blown up to full size. It’s really interesting to see the evolution of the series from those first iterations of the characters.

For fans of the series who haven’t ventured out of the monthly issues, this is a must!

Silver Sprocket

Adam says: One of the greatest thrills at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con for me was undoubtedly the opportunity to meet some of the phenomenal, talented crew behind Silver Sprocket – the publisher, record label and art collective based out of San Francisco.

Proudly progressive, Silver Sprocket has an accessible indie and punk aesthetic with a frankly awesome array of books and merch currently in their catalogue. I was pretty jazzed to pick up some rather tasty stock from them, making Orbital their only UK stockist for the time-being.

We currently have books by Jenn Woodall, Ben Passmore, and store favorite Liz Prince (Tomboy, Alone Forever). Silver Sprocket’s been absolutely flying off our shelves though, so don’t sleep on this one, yeah?

Of special note for me personally is Ben Passmore’s Your Black Friend, which received an Eisner nomination for Best Single Issue/One-Shot. Growing up black in a white suburb, Your Black Friend resonated with me in a way that few works, comics or otherwise, ever have. Like the recent James Baldwin documentary (I Am Not Your Negro), I strongly feel Passmore’s book should be required reading for pretty much absolutely everyone everywhere, especially in 2017.

Henry & Glenn Forever + Ever HC
Tom Neely, Various (w, a)
IWDY Comics

Liz says: Tom Neely’s Henry & Glenn series imagines the two eponymous punk icons (Black Flag’s Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig of the Misfits) as a gay couple living in domestic bliss in the suburbs, arguing over visits from the (already dead) mother-in-law and who forgot to buy the kitty litter. The complete edition collects thirteen years worth of twisted silliness, with contributions from more than fifty artists, who all take great delight in bringing the couple’s adventures to life. Also worth noting: Henry Rollins is not amused. Glenn Danzig is definitely not amused. Should you happen to pick up a copy yourself though, you will be.

Kirby King of the Comics Anniversary Edition
Mark Evanier (w), Jack Kirby (a)
Abrams ComicArts

Ryan says: Few names are as synonymous with the comic book industry as Jack Kirby, and with such an immense body of work to his credit, there’ve been no shortage of books written about him. Fortunately for us, long-time assistant and official biographer Mark Evanier has blessed our shelves with a unique insight into Kirby’s life and art in the form of this revised and expanded paperback. Covering the entirety of his esteemed career, Evanier breaths fresh vision to Kirby’s work as early as his lesser-known work at the Fleischer animation studio, though to his revered Marvel and DC silver age legacy. This is one book I couldn’t let slip through my fingers, and I highly recommend you do the same. A comfortably sized coffee-table book whilst also acting as a loving tribute to the man known to all as “the King of Comics”.