Staff Picks – Week of 01/11/17

Alter Ego #149
Various, Edited by Roy Thomas
TwoMorrows Publishing

Thomas says: Alter Ego is always worth a read but this particular issue is a little something extra being a tribute to the legendary Gil Kane and was an immediate must for me. I want to say that my first introduction to Gil Kane’s work was in DC Comics Presents #60 but my memory is a little hazy on the matter, i do remember being instantly struck by what i was staring at. You can’t help but gaze at his work. It’s unmistakable especially when he inks his own pencils something he fought hard to be allowed to do.
Filled with the usual articles and memories that Alter Ego is known for in these special issues it also includes a lovely “Life and Times of John Broome” feature as well as a Kane checklist and the reprinting of an article by the man himself that was originally published in The Harvard Journal of Pictoral Fiction that is a particular highlight. This is a great issue from an always reliable magazine and definitely worth the money.

Captain America #695
Mark Waid (w), Chris Samnee (a)
Marvel Comics

Liz says: Don’t be fooled by the #695; this is a brand new Captain America issue #1! From the cracking creative team who collaborated on an amazing run of Daredevil and the recent Black Widow series, this issue is just another example of how well they work together. The first issue deals acknowledges the post-Secret Empire fallout in a blink, and then moves on to a (probably) self-contained story that sums up the character. At a Captain America-themed festival held in a small town in Nebraska, the townsfolk talk about what they believe he stands for. The story is simple but effective, and erases the worry that too much stigma will be following Cap around throughout this run. People continue to love him for his willingness to stick his neck out for the little guy, and that’s the kind of Cap story I look forward to seeing.

Sloth Girl
Laura Collinson

Will says: Sloth Girl has forgotten who she is! To find herself, she must find the crystal palace, conquering any obstacle along her way. Join her on a journey of adventure and self discovery. Sloth Girl is a story about battling your own demons with some absolutely delicious art! Laura’s debut comic is fantastic and I am very excited for seeing more of her work in the future.

Back Issue Magazine #101

Karl says: There have always been close ties between comics and rock ‘n’ roll, the two go hand in hand and form an integral part within the fabric of pop culture. Issue 101 of the always erudite Back Issue magazine takes the spotlight and shines it directly on some of the numerous instances of the mediums coming together. While almost everyone knows about, or has at least heard of the existence of the Marvel Super Specials which feature KISS, this spotlight throws up tons of the more obscure meetings.
Not least of these being noted comics fan Marc Bolan interviewing Stan the Man at the Roundhouse in 1975. Bolan was awarded an FFF for services above and beyond the call of duty to Marvel for his efforts! Further articles cover Paul McCartney and Wings, Alice Cooper and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. While the detailing of comics characters rocking out in the pages of their own universes includes the Arcies, Josie and the Pussycats and ummm.. the Hypno Hustler! Add to this a superb feature on Saturday morning cartoon super groups, and you’ve got another rollicking issue of Back Issue!