Staff Picks – Week of 01/02/2017

Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern #1
Robbie Thompson & Justin Jordan (w), Barnaby Bagenda (a)
BOOM! Studios & DC Comics

Adam says: A rather left-field crossover, ‘Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern’ picks up very shortly after the first original Charlton Heston movie. We check in with Zira and Cornelius as they struggle to re-integrate into society and manage the weight of their newfound scientific discoveries. Meanwhile, the Green Lantern Corps find themselves engaged in the usual way with a squad of bothersome Red Lanterns.

Much like Professor Zoom messing about with the time-stream gave us ‘Flashpoint’, the strange convergence of universes at work in this book comes about, hilariously and predictably, as a result of Sinestro conducting some greedy and misguided experimental power ring nonsense. Silly ‘Nestro.

Props to Justin Jordan, former writer of the ‘New Guardians’ GL book, for sneaking in some pretty on-point meta-text about the real difficulties of telling engaging and fresh stories in the all-the-corps-all-the-time climate of the Johns era of Green Lantern. As much as I loved Johns’s work, and I really did, the editorial obsession with perpetually rotating the other colours of the emotional spectrum was undoubtedly stifling. The prospect of something wildly different, and with the tremendous draw of ‘Omega Men’ artist Barnaby Bagenda on art is precisely what drew me into this project.

Xmas Thing

Will says: What would happen if you combined Christmas with John Carpenter’s The Thing? This comic is just that! A loving tribute to John Carpenter’s classic horror film (and my favourite!). Alien infected Rudolph. Machine gunning Santa. It’s obvious you’re going to have a lot of fun reading this. It’s expertly drawn, beautifully coloured and highly recommended for any Carpenter fan.

Karnak # 6
Warren Ellis (w) Roland Boschi (a)

Karl says: “The Flaw In All Things” brings to a close this arc Karnak’s solo outing. Brought in by S.H.I.E.L.D. to handle the apparent abduction of an Inhuman child. There is a Dark Science organisation who are also a religious cult called I.D.I.C. and the members turn out to be worshipping the kid as a messianic figure.
so far, so messed up. Karnak, who is a cold nasty loner, tracks the child down eventually and it turns out he had joined the cult willingly, and was handing out powers to the other cultists like party favours. This does not go down well with Karnak, of course and he takes care of business.
A nice mean little tale from Mr. Ellis, brought to life beautifully by artist Roland Boschi and colour artist Dan Brown. Karnak : To him, weakness is a weapon. My favourite Inhuman!