How do comics work best? As sci-fi adventure stories? As action pieces? Or do they work best as allegory for bo what is happening both now and in our past? Well, in the case of The X-Men, it’s all three. Since 1963, X-Men has tackled the many injustices seen in the world. In fact, it’s lead characters Professor Xavier and Magneto are often considered to be fictional versions of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. More than anything, X-Men is a series about tolerance.

But X-Men never preaches or goes for easy moral solutions. The X-Books are always willing to make both sides of the argument before reaching their end. And sometimes it’s not always the ending you might expect. Over 50 years, the series has also introduced some truly indelible characters. In addition to the two mentioned above, we have Jean Grey and her deadly, evolved alter-ego Phoenix. Cyclops, the beast, Mystique, Sabretooth… The list goes on and on and we haven’t even mentioned the greatest X-Man of them all, Wolverine!

Those characters withstand constant evolution, brought on by it’s many writers. From Chris Claremont and John Byrne to Grant Morrison to Joss Whedon and Warren Ellis, it’s a series that’s played host to nearly every major writer in comics, all of whom have altered and moulded it to the times. Now with the release of ‘X-MEN: APOCALYPSE’ (showing in Imax at The Empire Leicester Square from 19th May) we’re due to see another reinvention of the X-men: A past where they are accepted not feared. Where they’re ‘out’, not hidden… A new evolution! Celebrate what is possibly the greatest series in comics with the Rise of Apocalypse and Age Of Apocalypse Trade Paperbacks instore as well as many Wolverine, New X-Men Uncanny X-Force Trades. And pop over to see movie at The Empire, where it’s playing in Laser-projected Imax! Also check out our website, for reviews, new X-books and news!