Since it’s inception, Orbital Comics has been an ardent supporter of small press comics and fanzines. Whilst many of our staff and customers are true super-hero and sci-fi fans, we’ve also discovered an interest and passion for the artisan side of comics.

Small press gives artists and writers a chance to develop their skills and talents in the sequential art form. It also gives the reader a chance to see their own lives reflected in comic form. If the real USP of Marvel was set it’s stories in the real world and give it’s characters real problems, then the triumph of small press is to give us real characters. They’re people you know, people you’ve met, people you are, rather than being the wish-fulfilment web-slinging, super-strong version of you that you’d like to be.

Giving the writer’s and artists an outlet for their lives and frustrations and a voice to creators who might feel marginalised by the big publishers, small press work is highly personalised and in many cases, highly politicised. It gives form to ideas that might other wise burn out, never becoming, never being realised.

And it’s inspiring. How many of you have picked up a small press title (maybe here at Orbital) and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you too could create something that could find it’s way to the racks and into the hands of someone who was also looking for inspiration, for a challenge, for pick-me-up at just the right time? How many of you thought ‘I can do that!’… and then went out there and did it?

Small press remains as important today as it always has been. Showcasing the work of emerging talents, bringing you some of the most original, funniest and heart-breaking stories in comics today. Orbital remains committed to Small Press and we hope you’ll join us this Saturday, 9th July, for SMALL PRESS DAY, a celebration of the other side of comics, with many creators signing here for the first time!