cabinets saga
“Star wars meets Game Of Thrones”. Or: “Star Wars for perverts”. Both are descriptions used by publisher Image Comics and co-creator Brian K. Vaughan to describe this mega-hit series (I’ll let you guess which is which!).

In truth it’s a little of both. A story of mismatched lovers, who in the midst of an epic inter-galactic war between their two species, want nothing more than a chance to raise their newborn child in peace, away from the prejudice’s of their respective species. Sexualised, sweary, action-packed and emotionally honest, Saga has something for every sci-fi loving adult in fandom.

Conceived when Vaughan was just a teenager (during a maths class), it would have been impossible to guess that this would become one of the most successful indie books of all time, even outselling The Walking Dead (its Image label-mate).

Vaughan and artist / co-creator Fiona Staples have created a world that’s rich in incident and history, without tying it down in a mythology that takes years to understand (as with some other sci-fi / fantasy fiction). Staples’s art creates a believable arena and look whilst Vaughan’s imagination runs riot, the two disciplines working perfectly in synch to give us one of truly great comic-book works of the 21st Century.

But what makes it work most of all is just how human Vaughan’s ‘Aliens’ are. They are, in truth, just like you and me. At odds with the larger events unfolding around them, held hostage by other people’s ideals, struggling to find their place in the universe. The book has the personal touch of it’s creators in every panel. In fact, Vaughan even runs the letter’s page himself. He has also indicated that the series will remain solely a comics creation: No TV deals or billion-dollar franchises. Refreshing integrity in today’s comic-book market!

Now, with the release of Volume 6, saga reaches a tipping point and war is about to escalate. Here at Orbital, we’re happy to present all 6 volumes of Saga as well as some of the series in its original, single issue form (just don’t ask for #1!). In addition to the comics and trades, we also have a great Saga T-Shirt available! Join the fight today at Orbital!