harley 2

Harleen Francis Quinzel, or Dr. Quinzel to you, first made her appearance in an episode of the Batman Animated Series. Harley has made a name for herself originally as the Joker’s squeeze (seduced by the clown prince of crime when she was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum) and latterly as a member of the Suicide Squad. She is beautiful, dangerous and psychotic.

It would have been easy for readers of Batman to dismiss Harley as one-trick villain, only there to support her puddin’ as he moves from one insane plan to the next. But lucky for us, Harley has become something of an inspiration for women everywhere. A strong female lead, who has her own team and dictates her own (admittedly) crazed existence.


She has, by turns, been a formidable villain, a reluctant hero and an unwitting foil for lovers and madmen. Now she’s ready to take her place as the star of her own show, with the Suicide Squad movie putting her front and center and DC pushing her in both The Suicide Squad comic and her own title.

Harley 3

Moving out of both The Joker’s and Batman’s shadows, Harley has led the way for the Gotham Girls in Gotham City Sirens (now available in two volumes here at Orbital) even becoming an on-off lover for Poison Ivy in recent months. With a wide variety of Harley books comics and figures available here at Orbital and the Suicide Squad movie playing in The Imax at The Empire Leicester Square, you may find Harley is no longer willing to play the jester but is in fact ready to be crowned King!