cabinets convergeance
In November 2014, DC announced its latest event. Nothing unusual there. The big two announce events all the time.

But this event would be different.

Serving as end to both the ‘New 52: Future’s End’ and ‘Earth 2: World’s End’ events, Convergence would signal the beginning of the end for the New 52 universe and hint at what was to come with ‘Rebirth’, laying the groundwork for a universe collapsing-epic, the kind of which DC hadn’t attempted since the original Crisis On Infinite Earths thirty years earlier.

And it would feature characters from the entire history of DC.

When Braniac gains access to all the pre-Flashpoint timelines, he steals characters from across the DC multiverse, pitting them against each other in domed versions of their own worlds on a planet known as ‘Telos’.

With Braniac shifting shape throughout the series (to represent the many versions of his character throughout the history of the DCU), this became the perfect opportunity to bring back versions of DC characters lost in the New 52 reshuffle or sacrificed altogether to streamline the universe.

Convergence saw much-loved versions of the characters reappear (some for the last time) as well as getting the creators from those periods back to work on titles they excelled at writing and drawing, Convergence is the perfect chance for you to glimpse what the world without Flashpoint would have looked like whilst laying the road for DC to move forward with the best-selling ‘Rebirth’. Orbital is pleased to be able to showcase the titles here and many others inside the store, as well as the brand new ‘Rebirth’ titles inside the store!