Spotlight on: Civil War!


In the Summer of 2007, the question on every Marvel fan’s mind was ‘Whose side are you on?’ as Civil War, the 7-issue crossover event that rocked the Marvel Universe began.

After a battle between a group of super-villains and a team of fame-hungry heroes results in the death of American school-children, Iron Man (now the head of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and the U.S. Government push for Super-Hero Registration, effectively putting the Avengers and teams like them under Government control and robbing them of their secret identities. But Captain America decides to fight back…

Written by an on-fire Mark Millar and featuring terrific pencils by Steve McNiven, Civil War was that rare beast in comic events: A massive cross-over that actually satisfied dramatically and had long-lasting ramifications for its characters. We won’t spoil it here (just in case you don’t know), but the ending is genuinely moving and there’s also a big reveal in regards to a certain character’s secret identity!

This series has not only shaped those character’s own series and, by extension, the wider Marvel U, but also dictated the shape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first two phases, influencing Captain America: The Winter Soldier – arguably Marvel’s best movie yet – and of course, Captain America: Civil War.

Showing at Empire Leicester Square Imax in 3D and at The Genesis Cinema Stepney Green from 29th April, this promises to be the movie event of the year! Orbital is proud to be able display a great selection of Trade Paperbacks, Hardcover editions and back-issues, featuring the original Civil War run as well as cross-overs and other titles showcasing the amazing cast of characters, including Spider-Man and Black-Panther, two Marvel movie firsts! Also, don’t forget to take a look at our review of the movie at!