Orbital in Conversation Episode 150 – Talking Fight Club with Chuck Palahniuk!

Hello and welcome to Orbital In Conversation – the podcast of Orbital Comics in central London! We’re very excited to be part of the team at Multiversity Comics as not only are they an excellent group of people, but they share a similar level of taste and sensibility … It’s a great fit.
This week Chris celebrates 150 episodes of Orbital In Conversation, which began life as Pop Culture Hound in June 2013. Originally a combination of reviews and interviews, it slowly morphed into a long-form interview show. In the time since, Chris has interviewed comics’ finest, including Alan Moore, Mike Mignola, Gerard Way, Becky Cloonan, Skottie Young, Emma Ríos, Scott Snyder, Chip Zdarsky & many more. You can check out the entire back catalogue here.
For Episode 150 he’s pulled out all the stops to get Fight Club 2‘s Chuck Palahniuk on the show to talk about what comics mean to him. Chuck shares his earliest comic memories, what lured him into this brave new world, how he approaches writing his scripts, and what themes he’s looking to explore with Fight Club 2. Plus he gives us the scoop on his plans for future comics work, including Fight Club 3!!!
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