Orbital in Conversation Episode 127 – LIVE from London Super Comic Con 2015!

Live from London Super Comic Con …
Following on from last week’s tribute to my good friend Herb Trimpe (which you can still listen to here), this time I’m back with a series of interviews recorded *live* in the inaugural Podcast Alley at the recent London Super Comic Con.
First up, Alex Paknadel chats about his new series Arcadia from Boom! Studios, then I ‘find’ Sam Read to discuss his work with Comix Tribe, Martin Hayes & Chris Askham come by to talk Abominable Glory, and 2000AD‘s Mike Molcher pops in to hype their podcast & other activities.
As if that’s not enough, I’m also joined at the pub by Hunter Gorinson & Andy Liegl from Valiant Entertainment for a post-con drink. We chat about what’s happening in their world, where readers can start exploring the Valiant universe, and how they found their trip to London.
And never fear, you can still enjoy the Pop Culture Hound back-catalogue right here, as we continue to put out the same quality interviews and discussion with Orbital in Conversation going forward. It’s only gonna get better, folks!
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