Orbital in Conversation Episode 126 – Remembering My Friend, Herb Trimpe!

With Herb Trimpe & Dave Gibbons …
After last week’s meeting of Chip Zdarsky and The Real/Fake Geeks (which you can still listen to here), this time I’m back with the sad but honorable task of paying tribute to my good friend Herb Trimpe (Hulk, Shogun Warriors, G.I. Joe & so much more) who sadly passed away on Monday, April 13 2015.
It gets a bit emotional (and I’ve chosen not to edit that) as I share my knowledge of Herb’s work growing up, what it was like when we first met, and some of my memories of him since then. I also present the panel Herb & I did together at Malta Comic Con with Dave Gibbons in 2012.
And never fear, you can still enjoy the Pop Culture Hound back-catalogue right here, as we continue to put out the same quality interviews and discussion with Orbital in Conversation going forward. It’s only gonna get better, folks!
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