Welcome to the Orbital News Digest! Here are the latest NEWS and EVENTS from Orbital Comics, links to interesting things we found this week, and a full list of THIS WEEK’S NEW COMICS (at the bottom).

The Orbital Halloween Hullabaloo last week was huge spooky-fun! As promised, the staff were all in their favourite characters’ outfits and there were plenty of free comics, zombie cupcakes and odd goings-on (like having Bane politely inquire whether you’d like a bag for your comics). If you missed it, fear not – the whole shebang was documented and can be viewed here.

Nick Spencer signed copies of Bedlam and his other works, including Stumptown, Forgetless, Thunder Agents and Morning Glories, and was kind enough to grant The Orbiting Pod an interview (while he rested his pen-hand!), so look out for it in the next episode. Photos of the Signing can be viewed here.

To coincide with the release of Bedlam, we’re also hosting an exhibition featuring sixteen original pages from the first issue, by artist Riley Rossmo. It will run until November 18th, but almost all the pages (even the sketches!) have been reserved now, so if you’d like one, come and check out his amazing work as soon as you can.

And, we still have lots lined up:

The Strumpet and Ink+Paper Launch Party – November 9th
This Friday, Orbital is delighted to host the launch party for new issues of two of the best British Independent Comics anthologies – The Strumpet and Ink+Paper. Now on its second issue, The Strumpet is a words-and-pictures periodical uniting lady comix stars of the future from the US and UK in one cartoony package. Contributors to the second issue include Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg, Kripa Joshi, Julia Homersham, Choi Juhyn, Patrice Aggs, Shamisa Debroey and more. The 3rd issue of Ink+Paper, edited by David O’Connel, includes contributions from Joe Blann, Fred Blunt, Emma Carlisle, John Cei Douglas, Euan Cook, Emma Donnelly, Emma Evans, Fay & Marc Olivent, Sarah Graley, Dan Haycocks, Akvile Miseviciute, Nulsh, Julia Scheele & Chrissy Williams, Matt Sheret, Rebecca Tobin, Kelly Walton and Andrew Waugh. View Event Listing

Doug Sneyd & Jason Atomic in Conversation – November 23rd
Orbital and Comica Festival present legendary Playboy magazine artist Doug Sneyd and artist/curator Jason Atomic in conversation. Doug has worked for Playboy since the early ’60s, and Jason has been indirectly involved with Suicide Girls (Playboy for the 21st Century?) since 2004 as occasional photographer and art department for his muse Manko’s photo sets. Come along for this very special night where the past and present meet, as they look to the future. Copies of Doug’s book The Art of Doug Sneyd (published by Dark Horse) will be available on the night, along with original art, sketches and prints. View Event Listing


This week, The Orbiting Pod crew are slicing up eyeballs with Let’s Play God #1, looking for WMD’s with Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity #1, Ward-ing off evil with Bravest Warriors #1, shuffling the deck with National Comics: Madame X #1, hitting the headlines with Superman #13, and crash landing with Wolverine Max #1.

Chris and Taylor also got the chance to chat to Branwyn Bigglestone, Accounts Manager of Image Comics, where they got to talk about what her role involves, the books she edits (including Pod favourite Danger Club) and where she wants to see the company go.

You can listen to it here or subscribe to the podcast on itunes.


Taylor’s Pick – Action Comics Annual #1 / Fisch and Hamner / DC Comics

Camila’s Pick – Pope Hats #3 / Ethan Rilly / Adhouse Books

Chris’s Pick – CBLDF Libert Annual 2012 / Various / Image Comics

Liz’s Pick – Bedlam #1 / Spencer and Rossmo / Image Comics

Dev’s Pick – Lot 13 / Niles and Fabry / DC Comics

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Here are some interesting things we found elsewhere:

In case you’ve been under a rock (or just busy, we understand) its Comica Festival time again!

We know you’re eagerly awaiting Brian Wood’s latest title from Image, “Mara”, but who is this Ming Doyle he’s working with?

You’ve heard of that Kirby guy, right? Well, thankfully so has Art Adams!

Like dogs? Then you’ll love this preview of Storm Dogs!

Which are you more interested in, tracing the development of the Bat-mythos (when was Arkham 1st mentioned? Alfred’s last name? Martha Wayne’s pearl necklace?), or wallowing in NextWave nostalgia and these crazy Fin Fang Foom pages? WHY CHOOSE?


Dark Horse
47 Ronin #1
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Willow Wonderland #1
Colder #1
Criminal Macabre They Fight By Night One Shot

DC Comics
Action Comics #14
Action Comics #14 Combo Pack
Animal Man #14 (Rot)
Batwing #14
Before Watchmen Moloch #1
Before Watchmen Moloch #1 Combo Pack
DC Nation #2
Detective Comics #14
Detective Comics #14 Combo Pack
Dial H #6
Earth 2 #6
Fairest #9
GI Combat #6
Green Arrow #14
Green Lantern #14 (Rise)
Green Lantern #14 Combo Pack (Rise)
Legends Of The Dark Knight #2
Scooby Doo Where Are You #27
Smallville Season 11 #7
Stormwatch #14
Swamp Thing #14 (Rot)
Sweet Tooth #39
Worlds Finest #6

Danger Girl GI Joe #4
GI Joe Vol 2 Ongoing #19
Love And Capes What To Expect #4
Magic The Gathering Spell Thief #4
Mars Attacks #5
Popeye #7
Pound Ghouls Night Out #3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics #6
Transformers Regeneration One #85

Creator Owned Heroes #6
Epic Kill #6
Guarding The Globe #2 2nd Ptg
Guarding The Globe #3
Happy #1 2nd Ptg
Harvest #4
Manhattan Projects #7
Nancy In Hell On Earth #4
Perhapanauts Danger Down Under #1
Storm Dogs #1
Super Dinosaur #15
Thief Of Thieves #9 2nd Ptg
Thought Bubble Anthology 2012 #2

Age Of Apocalypse #9
ASM Young Readers Novel TP Vol 04 Sandman
Avengers #33
Avengers Academy #39
Avenging Spider-Man #14
Avx Consequences #5
Daredevil End Of Days #2
Deadpool #1 Now
Defenders #12
Iron Man #1 Now
Marvels Iron Man 2 Adaptation #1
Mu Avengers Earths Heroes Comic Reader TP #4
New Avengers #32 Axfo
Road To Oz #3
Scarlet Spider #11
Spaceknights #2
Uncanny X-Force #33
X-Factor #246
X-Men #38
X-Men Curse Is Broken TP

2000 Ad Prog #1808
Battlefields Green Fields Beyond Pt 1 #1
Flash Gordon Zeitgeist #7
Fly Vol Ii #1
Freelancers #1
Garfield #7
Heavy Metal September 2012
Hellraiser Road Below #1
Hypernaturals #5
Injury Comics #4
Jennifer Blood #19
Life With Archie #24
New Crusaders Rise Of The Heroes #3
Oz Wonderland Chronicles Prelude To Evil #2
Pathfinder #3
Planet O/T Apes Cataclysm #3
Ride Southern Gothic #2
Shadow #7
Shadowman (New) #1
Sonic Super Digest #1
Stumptown V2 #3
Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris #18
Westward #2

Comics Buyers Guide #1696 Dec 2012

Graphic Novels and Collected Editions
25 Years Of Heavy Metal Covers HC
Alpha Flight Classic TP Vol 03
Annotated Sandman HC Vol 02
Avengers Academy TP Second Semester
Avengers Vs X-Men HC Avx
Best Of From The Tomb Sc
Blast Off Rockets Rayguns Robots & Rarities TP
Boys Definitive Edition HC Vol 04
BPRD Plague Of Frogs HC Vol 04
Carol Lays Illiterature HC
Charmed TP Vol 04
Danger Club TP Vol 01
DC Comics The Sequential Art Of Amanda Conner HC
Deadworld War Of The Dead TP
Fear Itself TP Heroes For Hire
Fear Itself TP Hulk Dracula
Fear Itself TP Wolverine New Mutants
Flash HC Vol 01 Move Forward
Four Horsemen O/T Apocalypse Sc Vol 03
Genga Otomo Katsushiro Original Pictures
Greatest Comic Book Covers Of All Time
History Of Nintendo Sc Vol 01 1889-1980
Hulk Abominable Prem HC
JLA Earth Ii TP New PTG
Kevin Keller TP Vol 01 Welcome To Riverdale
Marvel Universe Ult Spider-Man Digest TP Vol 01
Mass Effect TP Vol 04 Homeworlds
Multi-Story Building Model Chris Ware Portfolio
Ragemoor HC
Red Hood And The Outlaws TP Vol 01 Redemption
Return To Perdition TP
Sandman Slipcase Set
Sandman Slipcase With Vol 10 TP
Sandman TP Vol 10 The Wake New Ed
Scott Pilgrim Color HC Vol 02
Shadow TP Vol 01 Fire Of Creation
Smurfs GN Vol 13 Smurf Soup
Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis TP
Spaceman Deluxe Edition HC
Spider-Man Worlds Greatest Hero TP
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures TP Vol 02
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Series TP Vol 02
Transmetropolitan All Around The World Art Book HC
Underwhere HC
Voltron Force GN Vol 04
Wonder Woman Archives HC Vol 07

Animal Land Vol 06
Flowers Of Evil Vol 03
Kamisama Kiss TP Vol 11
Kieli: The Novel Vol 07
Neo Magazine #104
Tale Of The Waning Moon Vol 03
We Were There GN Vol 15

2000 Ad Judge Death T/S
Adventure Time Zombie Group Blk Px T/S
Bw Rorschach Red By Pope T/S
L&R Bird Lady By Hernandez T/S
L&R Cops By Hernandez T/S
L&R Rockstar By Hernandez T/S
L&R Tonantzin & Vicente By Hernandez T/S
Love & Rockets 30th By Hernandez T/S

Adventure Time Finn Mini Poster
Adventure Time House Poster
Adventure Time Jake Mini Poster
Adventure Time What Time Is It Poster

Justice League Cyborg AF