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Here are the latest NEWS and EVENTS from Orbital Comics, links to interesting things we found this week, and a full list of THIS WEEK’S NEW COMICS (at the bottom).


Halloween falls right on New Comics Day this year, and we have a lot going on:

Nick Spencer Signing
To celebrate the launch of his new ongoing series from Image Comics, Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Infinite Vacation, Ultimate Comics X-Men, THUNDER Agents) will be signing copies of BEDLAM at Orbital Comics from 5-7pm this Wednesday. Co-created with artist Riley Rossmo, the book tells the story of Madder Red, a serial killer who once terrorised the city of Bedlam. Now reformed, he seeks to reclaim his name and identity as he faces the madness his reign of terror has left behind. View Event Listing

Riley Rossmo Exhibition
To coincide with the release of BEDLAM, Orbital are also hosting an exhibition featuring sixteen pages from issue one by artist Riley Rossmo (Green Wake, Rebel Blood, Wild Children). The exhibition is now up in the West Wing Gallery and will run until November 18th. View Event Listing

Magick Eye 2 Exhibition Launch Party
From 7:30 onwards, we’re hosting the opening party for the Jason Atomic and Garry Leach curated Magick Eye 2 Exhibition with a lot of the artists in attendance. We’ll be offering spooky cocktails, and there will odd goings on from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. Costumes are highly encouraged, so dress up and come party with the ghouls at Orbital on your way to Midnight. View Event Listing

+ Free Comics, Costumes, Face Painting and Zombie Cupcakes!!!

And in the next few weeks:

The Strumpet and Ink+ Paper Launch Party – November 9
Leading up to Comica Comiket, Orbital is delighted to host the launch party for new issues of two of the best British Independent Comics anthologies – The Strumpet and Ink+Paper. View Event Listing

Doug Sneyd in conversation with Jason Atomic – November 23
The Life Drawing Masterclass with classic Playboy magazine artist Doug Sneyd is now sold out, but for those interested in Doug’s fascinating life and career, we are also hosting a casual discussion night with him and Jason Atomic. Our own Chris Thompson will be moderating and it’s sure to be a special night. Drinks will be available, as will original art and prints from Doug, and Dark Horse’s The Art of Doug Sneyd book. View Event Listing


In this week’s episode of the Orbiting Pod, Chris, Taylor, Adam and Robin hit the highlands with Billy the Kid’s Old Time Oddities and the Orm of Loch Ness #1, get a Shiva up their spines with Nightwing #13, get kaleidoscope eyes with Zaucer of Zilk #1, get a kick out of Cyberforce #1, and have a view to a kill with Star Wars: Agent of the Empire – Hard Targets #1. In the 3rd instalment of their book club feature, they look at the Frank Miller classic The Dark Knight Returns, and discuss, among other things, its impact, how it has aged, how it changes the characters origins, and whether it is a tale of obsession.

You can listen to it here or subscribe to the podcast on itunes.


Taylor’s Pick – Superman #13 – Lobdell and Rocafort – DC Comics

Camila’s Pick – Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity #1 – Brandon Graham – Image Comics

Chris’s Pick – Marvel Comics: The Untold Story – Sean Howe – Harper Collins

Liz’s Pick – Journey Into Mystery #645 – Gillen and Hans – Marvel Comics

Read More Here


Here are some interesting things we found elsewhere:

Ever wonder what would happen if Thanos and Darkseid car-pooled and had coffee?

For Hickman, Bendis & Fraction it is truly the end of an era.

A panel of cool comics folk name their favourite male characters by female creators, you’ll want to check them out further.

If you like web-comics and experimentation, then check out Ron Perazza’s Comic Book Think Tank.

Aaand friend of Orbital, Mat Colegate, brings comics-related reviews to The Quietus. More than once!


Dark Horse
Angel & Faith #15
Bprd Hell On Earth #100 Return O/T Master #3
Star Wars Darth Maul Death Sentence #4
Star Wars Omnibus Clone Wars Vol 02 Enemy On All

DC Comics
Action Comics Annual #1
American Vampire #32
Aquaman #13
Batgirl Annual #1
Batman Beyond Unlimited #9
Ghosts #1
Joe Kubert Presents #1
Justice League Dark Annual #1
Looney Tunes #209
Lot 13 #1
Masters Of The Universe The Origin Of Skeletor #1
New Deadwardians #8
Phantom Lady #3
Superman Family Adventures #6
Swamp Thing Annual #1

30 Days Of Night Ongoing #11
Ghostbusters Ongoing #14
Godzilla Ongoing #6
Mars Attacks Holidays One Shot
Rocketeer Cargo Of Doom #3
Star Trek Ongoing #14
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Annual 2012
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ongoing #15
Transformers More Than Meets Eye Ongoing #10
True Blood Ongoing #6

Bedlam #1
Bloodstrike #32
Cbldf Liberty Annual 2012 #5
Fatale #9
Happy #2
Haunt #27
Whispers #4
Witchblade #161

A Plus X #1 Now
Avenging Spider-Man Annual #1
Avx Consequences #4
Captain Marvel #6
Hit-Girl #4
Marvel Previews November 2012
Mighty Thor #22 Burns
New Mutants #50
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16.1
Ultimate Comics X-Men #18 Uws
Winter Soldier #12
Wolverine And X-Men #19
X-Men Legacy #275

2000 Ad #1807
Archie #638
Archie & Friends Double Digest #21
Army Of Darkness Ongoing #6
Buckaroo Banzai #2
Charismagic Death Princess #1
Critter (Ongoing) #5
Dan The Unharmable #7
Dark Shadows #9
Fashion Beast #3
Ferals #10
Gft Myths & Legends #22
Green Hornet #30
Green Hornet Strikes #10
Higher Earth #6
Idolized #3
Jugheads Double Digest #186
Lady Death (Ongoing) #23
Legend Of Oz The Wicked West Ongoing #1
Night O/T Living Dead Aftermath #1
Pope Hats #3
Rachel Rising #12
Red Sonja Atlantis Rises #3
Robyn Hood #2
Rookie Special (One Shot)
Scam #2
Simpsons Illustrated #4
Sonic The Hedgehog #242
Steed And Mrs Peel Ongoing #2
Tick #101 Tick Meets Madman
Vampirella #24
Vampirella Vs Fluffy One Shot
Wasteland #40
Wonderland #4

Classic Marvel Fig Coll Mag #188 Werewolf By Night
Comic Heroes Magazine #15 £7.99
DC Superhero Chess Fig Coll Mag #20 Red Robin
Hi Fructose Magazine Quarterly #25 £4.99
Marvel GN Coll Vol 23 Planet Hulk Part 1 HC £9.99
Previews #290 November 2012
Strip Magazine #5 £4.99

Graphic Novels and Collected Editions
Absolute Final Crisis HC
All Star Western TP Vol 01 Guns And Gotham
Assassins Creed GN Vol 01 Desmond
Assassins Creed GN Vol 02 Aquilus
Assassins Creed GN Vol 03 Accipiter
August Moon GN
Batman Eye Of The Beholder TP
Call Of Wonderland TP
Charles Burns Hive Bookplate Ed
Colony TP
Dark Tower Gunslinger TP Journey Begins
Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe TP
Epoch TP
Extremely Moronic Mad TP
Fear Itself TP Home Front
Fear Itself TP Uncanny X-Force Deep
GI Joe Complete Coll HC Vol 01
Higher Earth TP Vol 01
Its Tokyo Charlie Brown GN
Journey Into Mystery New Mutants TP Exiled
Kiss Greatest Hits TP Vol 02
Lord Of The Jungle TP Vol 01
Lore Complete Ed Prose Sc
Metabarons Ultimate Coll Ed
Mice Templar HC Vol 03
New Mutants TP Vol 06 Deanimator
Real Ghostbusters Omnibus TP Vol 01
Red Hulk TP Mayan Rule
Secret Avengers TP Run Mission Save World
Shattered Asian Amer Comics Anthology TP
Superman Earth One HC Vol 02
Sweet Tooth TP Vol 05 Unnatural Habitat
Tank Girl Carioca HC
Through The Walls HC
Transformers Classics TP Vol 04
Uncanny X-Force Prem HC Book 01 Final Execution
Warriors Of Mars TP
X-Men Hidden Years TP Vol 02

Air Gear Vol 26
Bakuman Vol 15
Black Butler Vol 11
Black God Vol 17
Bleach Vol 48
Bleach Vol 49
Disappearance Of Nagato Yuki-Chan Vol 02
Durarara!! Vol 04
Jiu Jiu Vol 02
Mardock Scramble Vol 06
Missions Of Love Vol 01
Negima Vol 36
Nura Vol 11
Pandora Hearts Vol 12
Sailor Moon Vol 08
Toriko Vol 12
Triage X Vol 01

Adventure Time Shades Of Red T/S

Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes Af Asst 201204
Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes Af Asst 201205