New Comics – Week of 31/01/2018

Dark Horse
Hungry Ghosts #1 (of 4)
Joe Golem Occult Detective Outer Dark #5 (of 5) F & B Pt 2

DC Comics
Astro City #50
Dark Nights Metal #5 (of 6)
Deathstroke Annual #1
Detective Comics Annual #1
Flash Annual #1
Harley Quinn #36
JLA Doom Patrol Special #1
Motherlands #1 (of 6)
Mystik U #2 (of 3)
Silencer #1

Atomic Robo Spectre of Tomorrow #4
Black Crown Quarterly #2 Winter 2018
Dread Gods #3
Infinite Loop Nothing but the Truth #4 (of 6)
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #62
Star Trek Boldly Go #16
Stretch Armstrong & Flex Fighters #1 (of 3)
Walt Disney Comics & Stories #741

Beauty #19
Bonehead #2
Elephantmen #80
God Complex #4
Hack Slash Resurrection #4
Image Plus #6 (Wytches The Bad Egg Pt 6)
Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta #33
Realm #5
Spawn #282
Underwinter Field of Feathers #4
Void Trip #3 (of 5)

All New Wolverine #30 LEG
Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #15 LEG
Avengers #678 LEG
Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider #13 LEG
Black Panther #167 2nd Ptg Stelfreeze Var LEG
Cable #151 2nd Ptg Malin Var LEG
Captain America #696 2nd Ptg Samnee Var LEG
Captain Marvel #128 LEG
Champions #14 2nd Ptg Ramos Var LEG
Defenders #9 LEG
Despicable Deadpool #293 LEG
Falcon #4 LEG
Incredible Hulk #712 LEG
Invincible Iron Man #594 2nd Ptg Silva Var LEG
Invincible Iron Man #596 LEG
Jean Grey #11 LEG
Jessica Jones #14 2nd Ptg Mack Var LEG
Jessica Jones #16 LEG
Marvel Previews Vol 04 #7 February 2018
Marvel Two-in-One #1 2nd Ptg Cheung Var LEG
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #27 LEG
Moon Knight #189 2nd Ptg Burrows Var LEG
Moon Knight #191 LEG
Old Man Logan #34 LEG
Phoenix Resurrection Return Jean Grey #5 (of 5) LEG
Punisher Platoon #5 (of 6)
Spider-Gwen #26 2nd Ptg Rodriguez Var LEG
Spider-Gwen #28 LEG
Spider-Man #235 2nd Ptg Bazaldua Var LEG
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #16
Star Wars Last Jedi Dj #1
Tales of Suspense #101 (of 5) LEG
Thanos #13 2nd Ptg Shaw Var LEG

2000 AD Prog #2066
All Time Comics Blind Justice #2
Amory Wars Good Apollo #10 (of 12)
Animosity #12
Apocalypse Girl #2
Archie and Me Comics Digest #4
Aspen Legacy 15th Anniversary (One Shot)
B & V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest #258
Belladonna Fire Fury #3
Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #260
Big Trouble in Little China Old Man Jack #5
Catalyst Prime Kino #3
Dark Ark #5
Doctor Who 10th Year Three #13
Equilibrium Gun Kata Case Book
Eternity #4
Galaktikon #4
GFT Tarot #4
Gravetrancers #2
Grimm Tales of Terror 2017 B&W One Shot
IT Secret World of Modern Banking 2 #4 (of 5)
John Carpenter Tales of Sci Fi Vortex #4 (of 8)
Jungle Fantasy Survivors #8
Kaijumax Season 3 #6
Knights of the Dinner Table #251
Larks Killer #5 (of 7)
Lazaretto #5 (of 5)
Lookers Ember #5
Maxwells Demons #2 (of 5)
Overtaken #5 (of 5)
Quantum & Woody (2017) #2
Reactor #2 (of 4)
Rick & Morty #34
Riverdale (Ongoing) #10
Space Riders Galaxy of Brutality #4
Stabbity Bunny #1
Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers #8 (of 8)
Tales of Rogues #1 (of 6)
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #108
The Beautiful Death (Statix) #5 (of 5)
Uber Invasion #11
Weird World of Lagoola Gardner

2000 AD GN Coll Vol 12 Nikolai Dante Part 2 HC
Hi Fructose Magazine Quarterly #46
Previews #353 February 2018
The Legends of Batman GN Coll Vol 3 HC Born to Kill

Graphic Novels and Collected Editions
Aquaman is Fair YR Picture Book
Babylon Berlin HC
Batman is Trustworthy YR Picture Book
Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider TP Vol 02 Deaths Sting
Black AF Americas Sweetheart GN
Black Lightning TP Vol 02
Black Panther Battle for Wakanda YA Chapter Book
Briggs Land TP Vol 02 Lone Wolves
Clandestino Comp Coll TP
Courtney Crumrin GN Vol 02 The Coven of Mystics
DC Super Hero Girls Date with Disaster TP
Disney Alice in Wonderland GN
Divinity Comp Trilogy Dlx Ed HC
Doctor Who The Lost Dimension Vol 01
Eternal OGN
Flash is Caring YR Picture Book
Green Lantern is Responsible YR Picture Book
Inhumans vs X-Men TP
Invader Zim Vol 01
Jamie Hewlett HC 2nd Ptg
Justice League YR TP Bizarro & Doppelgangers of Doom
Justice League YR TP Black Adam & Eternity War
Justice League YR TP Gorilla Grodd & Primate Protocol
Justice League YR TP Joker & Harley Quinns JLA Jailhouse
Kill the Minotaur TP
Legion Son of X TP Vol 01 Prodigal
Mages of Mystralia TP
Matt Wagner Grendel Tales Omnibus TP Vol 02
Michael Chabon Escapist Amazing Adv TP
Mystery Men TP Golden Age
New Teen Titans The Judas Contract Dlx Ed HC
On the Wall GN
Redline TP Vol 01
Regular Show OGN Parks and Wreck
Regular Show OGN Wrasslesplosion
Regular Show Vol 08
Richard Starks Parker Slayground TP
Royals TP Vol 02 Judgement Day
Saucer State TP
Shade the Changing Girl TP Vol 02 Little Runaway
Superman is a Good Citizen YR Picture Book
Superman The Coming of the Supermen TP
Superman You Choose YR Stories Apokolips Invasion
Superman You Choose YR Stories Metallo Attacks
Superman You Choose YR Stories Metropolis Mayhem
Superman You Choose YR Stories Superman Day Disaster
Sweet Dreams Supergirl YR HC
US Avengers TP Vol 02 Stars and Garters
Venom TP Lethal Protector New Ptg
Venom TP Vol 03 Lethal Protector Blood in the Water
Vigilante Southland TP
Violent Cases 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition
Violent Love TP Vol 02 Hearts on Fire
Wayward TP Vol 05 Tethered Souls
Werewolf by Night Complete Collection TP Vol 02
Wonder Woman is Respectful YR Picture Book
World of Reading Black Panther This is Black Panther Level 1
Zombies Assemble Manga TP Vol 02

Independent Graphic Novels
Trump’s ABC [Fantagraphics]

Count of Monte Cristo
Death March Parallel World Rhapsody Novel Vol 04
Don’t Meddle with My Daughter Vol 02
Finder Vol 04 In Captivity
Golden Kamuy Vol 03
High School Life of Fudanshi GN Vol 03
Magical Girl Apocalypse Vol 13
Monster Girl Doctor Vol 01 Novel
Not Lives Vol 07
Nurse Hitomis Monster Infirmary GN Vol 07
Please Tell Me Galko Chan GN Vol 04
Species Domain Vol 04
Unmagical Girl Vol 01
Youth Romantic Comedy Wrong Expected Novel SC Vol 04

Saga Sweet Boy Pin