Upcoming Events

A Void Trip to Paradiso: An Image Comics Exhibition – 15th Jan to 15th Feb

A road-trip buddy movie through space and, a sci-fi adventure set inside a living city seeking to understand ‘life’. Join Ram V and Ryan O’Sullivan as they talk about storytelling and building new worlds for their Image books, VOID TRIP and PARADISO, for the launch of the exhibition at Orbital Comics showcasing original pages of art by artists Plaid Klaus and Dev Pramanik.

Kirby Consciousness Exhibition – 9th Dec to 14th Jan

In a special tribute to the Jack Kirby centennial, Orbital’s gallery is about to take a ride along the rainbow bridge!

We’ve invited a slew of amazing artists to contribute their own Kirby-inspired creations to our exciting end-of-year show; from Kirby Krackle to Kirbytronics, the mighty architecture of Asgard and more!

The exhibition runs from 9th December to 14th January, with a special private view event after hours on Friday 8th December