Blood and Roses: Magical Girls by Sally Jane Thompson – 19/07 to 03/08

Sally Jane Thompson

Blood and Roses is an ongoing series of drawings and paintings by comic creator Sally Jane Thompson, inspired by the magical girl genre. Works that are equal parts bold and delicate use the genre’s kitsch, decorative aesthetic, and ambiguous use of traditionally feminine visual motifs, as a space to play in. They explore representations of female hero narratives, conflict and strength through images featuring lively, soulful characters who seem to have stories to tell.

The exhibition will feature the originals of all images created to date at the time, with prints also available.

Lords of Infinity Exhibition – August 9 to September 7

Lords of Infinity

When it comes to comics, as long as something can be drawn, it can be real; making it the perfect medium to bring the brilliance and ingenuity of its creators to life.

In Lords of Infinity, three of the most talented up-and-coming artists in the British comics scene are brought together to populate the walls of the Orbital gallery with worlds of their own.

Whether it’s with a bit of sci-fi, fantasy or simply the extra-ordinary, Cristian Ortiz, Andy Poyiadgi and James Harvey all bring a little something extra to the world we know. In this exhibition we invite you to step into the fabric of the realities they have created.

The exhibition runs from August 9 to September 7, and we will be hosting an opening night on Friday, August 8th, where all three artists will be in attendance.

The Graveyard Orbit Launch and Signing


John-Paul Kamath, creator of the London Horror Comic will be at Orbital this August to launch his new series, Graveyard Orbit.

Graveyard Orbit is a continuing series of one-shots: each issue tells one complete story and with a different story in each subsequent issue covering genres such as comedy, drama, romance and crime.

John-Paul will signing at Orbital from 11am to 2pm and then again from 4 to 7pm on Wednesday, August 13th, ahead of its official launch The first 25 customers who buy Graveyard Orbit #1 at will also get a limited edition print.

Preview the first few pages of the Graveyard Orbit here, and read more about the series at