Staff Picks – Week of 28/08/2019

Mushbuh (w/a)

Joe says: Possibly the most surreal book I’ve read in some time, 978-91-87325-43-4 is a book that’s as focused on its product design as its illustrations. A gorgeous package that requires manipulation from the reader – the attention to detail is comparable to Chris Ware (and it’s about just as accessible). Themed around “online”, with references to Amazon, YouTube and other social media enterprises, 978-91-87325-43-4 is sometimes obtuse, often bitingly satirical and I feel that on another read I’ll be able to glean even more from it.

Wolverine: Infinity Watch TPB
Gerry Duggan (w), Andy MacDonald (a)
Marvel Comics

Liz says: Wolverine: Infinity Watch is rollicking cosmic adventure story in which a newly resurrected Logan is forced to team up with God of Mischief Loki Laufeyson in order to protect an Infinity Stone that seems to have joined itself with a criminal. The great revelation that I took from this miniseries is that Logan and Loki bickering at each other is my new favourite thing. Might I suggest ‘Logan and Loki’s Excellent Adventures’ by Gerry Duggan and Andy MacDonald? Bring me the ongoing!