Staff Picks – Week of 25/09/2019

Black Science #43
Rick Remender (w), Matteo Scalera (a)
Image Comics

Joe says: The final issue of Remender and Scalera’s sci-fi epic is here, 6 years and 43 issues leading to a conclusion for our protagonist that I’m not sure is entirely deserved but feels satisfying none the less. Black Science has been a very complex series, full of multiple universes and characters and as much as I’ve enjoyed the ride, I’m looking forward to starting again from the beginning and absorbing it as a whole to fully appreciate all of the detail. As usual, Scalera knocks it out of the park with his mind-blowing artwork, I’m going to sorely miss having a Scalera book in my pull list each month.

Avengers: Loki Unleashed #1
Roger Stern (w), Ron Lim (a)
Marvel Comics

Liz says: In honour of Marvel Comics’ 80th anniversary, a spate of one-shot issues is being released that allow fan-favourite creative teams to revisit their own classic stories one last time. The Avengers: Loki Unleashed #1 is set during Roger Stern’s much-loved Avengers run, directly after issue #277. Considering that Stern, working with Infinity Gauntlet artist Ron Lim (not the artist during Stern’s run, but a very welcome and fitting addition nonetheless) wrote this issue thirty-two years after the publication of #277 in 1987, it feels like he hasn’t skipped a beat. Whether you’ve read his work on the Avengers or not, this was an extremely readable and fun one-shot that will undoubtedly make you want to seek out the original run!