Staff Picks – Week of 24/04/2019

Star Wars: Vader – Dark Visions #3
Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum (w), David Lopez & Jav Pina (a), Muntsa Vicente (c)
Marvel Comics

Mattia says: I’m a big fan of Star Wars (who isn’t?!) and in the myriad of publications that Marvel is throwing out, Vader: Dark Vision is the one that most caught my attention.

This mini series in five parts has the great peculiarity of describing Darth Vader not from the point of view of himself but from the people who have had the fortune or misfortune to meet him. I say misfortune because as we all know, if you were an Admiral of the Empire it was very easy to be strangled by the Dark Knight.
In this issue, a young nurse, assistant of Vader’s personal doctor, is completely obsessed with him, the Dark Lord, a morbid love that convinces her it is reciprocated. Yes, Darth Vader is in love with her! Ehm… I leave to you the pleasure of discovering it.

Well done Dennis I’m really enjoying this mini series, keep going!

Sex Volume 6
Joe Casey (w), Piotr Kowalski (a), Brad Simpson (c)
Image Comics

Joe says: I’ve raved about Sex before and was very happy to see volume six on the shelves; the first volume to go straight to trade. For those sceptical of the format change, even though the creators decided to skip publishing the single issues, the volume is not missing them. The trade is broken up into 20 page chapters that continue the numbering of the singles. Perhaps it helps having only ever read ‘Sex’ in trades but the change in format has had no impact on the quality of work, I instantly fell back in love with the world and can’t wait for the next volume. The craft is impeccable and ‘Sex’ is unlike any other comic I’ve ever read; it feels like one ongoing tale rather than serialised adventures – it’s not about satisfying conclusions but following an extensive cast of characters through an intricately built world.

I’ll remind you of the elevator pitch: ‘Sex’ is the result of Batman hanging up his cape and deciding to help Gotham city as Bruce Wayne. Of course there’s so much more to it than that but I can’t recommend this book highly enough, everyone I’ve convinced to read it has loved it and I want you all to experience it.

Avengers #18
Jason Aaron (w), Ed McGuiness (a)
Marvel Comics

Scott says: It’s event season at Marvel with War of the Realms gazing down on their titles this week, including somewhat predictably Jason Aaron’s Avengers team, considering he’s helming the event itself. And yet, it was a little bit of a surprise to me that there’s really no content whatsoever in this issue geared towards the ongoing War aside from it being the instigating element in one of Scott’s all-time favourite comic tropes – the formation of a team!

This issue is a soft-introduction to the ‘new’ Squadron Supreme of America, with focus on that ‘of America’ part, because this new iteration is being positioned as the goody-two-shoes team of patriotic yes-people that’ll bow down to the U.S. Government’s wishes in ways the current team of Avengers, holed up in a hollowed-out Celestial shell bereft of political allegiance, aren’t.

We get all the good nods to Marvel’s ‘esteemed competition next door’, with the here’s literally basing themselves out of Washington D.C. and embracing every wink-wink reference possible. Princess Zarda is from Utopia Isle for cryin’ out loud! This is a fun introduction to a bunch of new characters which is essentially what Aaron’s whole run has been about and I’m digging it.