Frame By Frame Special: King Cohen

Welcome to this Frame by Frame Special interview on King Cohen. In this episode, Paul chats with comic-book inker and now documentary director, Steve Mitchell, Producers Matt Verboys & Dan McKeon and Composer Joe Kramer, the creators behind this fantastic documentary about cult filmmaker, screenwriter, producer and play-write Larry Cohen.

Cohen wrote and directed It’s Alive, God Told Me To, Q: the Winged Serpent and many others. In addition to this, he has countless writing credits for many successful television shows and created the show The Invaders. The Documentary, charts Larry’s career and life in and out of Hollywood, showcasing his talent and tenaciousness, two things that made him a legend in the film industry.

This interview also features a sample of Joe Kramer’s beautiful, jazzy score at the beginning and end of the chat. The film itself is available via Amazon Prime and available on BluRay, packaged with the amazing score from both Amazon and La-La Land Records. If the film-score interests you, please check out La- La Land Records extensive catalogue of film scores and limited edition vinyl.

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