Coming This Week … The Image Duplicator Discussion Panel

It seems Image Duplicator has got people talking … The private view, attended by a number of artists including co-curators Rian Hughes & Jason Atomic, Dave Gibbons, Garry Leach, Steve Cook, DJ Food, Robin Barnard and friends, has been covered extensively here, here and here – and people can’t get enough of the ongoing discussion about Lichtenstein and his work.

In the spirit of that, Orbital Comics are hosting a very special panel discussion this Thursday May 23, to explore Lichtenstein’s work and the original comics he drew inspiration from. No matter where you stand on Roy’s art, it (and the Image Duplicator exhibition) raise some interesting questions that will keep people talking for years to come. So join us from 7:30pm, and be part of this historic event.

Taking part will be:

Chris Thompson (chair)
Chris is a podcaster/blogger known for his work on Pop Culture Hound and The Orbiting Pod.

Rian Hughes (exhibition co-curator)
Rian is a renowned artist, designer & typographer who has worked for many years in the comic business.

Daniel Brant (gallerist,curator)
Daniel runs the A&D Gallery which is currently holding an exhibition of Lichtenstein’s prints and will serve as future location for Image Duplicator part 2.

Paul Gravett (author,comics expert)
Paul Gravett is a journalist, curator, writer and broadcaster who has worked in comics publishing and promotion for over 20 years.

Jason Atomic (exhibition co-curator)
Jason is an artist, writer and curator who work has been inspired and affected by various aspects of pop culture.

Contributing artists and others are invite to attend and contribute to the debate.

This discussion will be recorded for a special edition of the Orbiting Pod.

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