PCH: Pre-Code Horror Halloween Party & Signing – October 31 from 6pm!


To coincide with this month’s spine-tingling PCH : Pre-Code Horror Exhibition, we’re hosting a very special Halloween Party, featuring a mega-jam signing session with numerous artists from the show, including Alison Sampson, Gary Spencer Millidge, Jason Atomic, Jessica Martin, Mark Stafford, Owen Michael Johnson, Ryan Jenkyns, and more.

The exhibition continues until Thursday November 13, but if you want to meet some of the artists and get their worked signed then be here from 6pm, Friday October 31. Save the date and keep your eyes peeled for further details!

New Comics – Week of 29/10/2014

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The Orbiting Pod Presents: Legacy of Fear – The History of the Comics Code

On Thursday 14th August, we were fortunate enough to have Charles Brownestein of the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund join us instore to deliver his talk “Legacy of Fear: The History of the Comics Code.

Sixty years ago, comics were placed on trial in the United States in a nationally televised Senate subcommittee hearing that had shattering repercussions! Charles presents the shocking history of moral panic that led to this historic hearing and the subsequent birth of the Comics Code Authority, a censorship body that regulated the medium’s content in the United States, with global implications. Learn the truth behind Fredric Wertham and Seduction of the Innocent; encounter the moment that turned EC Comics Publisher William Gaines into the iconic force behind Mad Magazine; and discover the long-term impact of the Code on comics in the USA and beyond in this lively presentation!

Staff Picks – Week of 22/10/2014

Quantum and Woody: The Complete Classic Omnibus
Christopher Priest (w), M.D. Bright (a)

Thomas says: This huge volume collects together the entirety of the ‘classic’ Quantum and Woody from the 90’s. I haven’t read it since it originally came out but I absolutely loved this series at the time. It was funny, entertaining and fantastically drawn. When I saw it listed in previews I didn’t even hesitate in pre-ordering it and I’m glad that I did. Valiant have done a great job with this collection. I don’t usually go in for these huge oversized volumes but I had to make an exception for this one. The paper is perfect for the fine reproduction and is firmly held together in a stitch bound hardcover. If you like the new series it’s well worth a try.

Rachel Rising #29
Terry Moore
Abstract Studios

Will says: It’s Halloween in less than a week, and it seems fitting to have a horror book as my staff pick. I love horror, so it is surprising that I have never given this title a try before, especially given it is from a big name such as Terry Moore. If there’s one thing you can say about Moore, it’s that he knows how to draw. Having never read an issue of this series before, I was absolutely clueless as to what was going on. However, Moore’s artwork is truly captivating and that was enough to keep me reading. Before long though, I was engulfed in the story and was itching to read the rest. Moore created the perfect blend of horror, mystery and drama. If every issue is as good as this one, then I’m in for a treat catching up on this series.

Multiversity #3

Grany Morrison (w) Ben Oliver (a)
DC Comics
Joe says: I chose this because I can’t believe an issue of Multiversity hasn’t been pick of the week already, the series is easily the most interesting thing coming out from DC at the moment, and that’s coming from a “DC guy”.

Borderlands #3: The Fall of Fyrestone
Mikey Neumann (w) Agustin Padilla (a)
Julia says: At first I was reluctant to pick a comic based on something else, but I definitely recommend this one for the lovers of the videogame saga. The script keeps up with awesomeness set in the game and Agustin’s fresh drawing style will immerse you directly into the universe of Pandora.

Alias Omnibus HC
Brian Michael Bendis (w), Michael Gaydos (a)

Liz says: Alias! I love Alias. It’s one of those brilliant Marvel Max titles from the early noughties that, along with Daredevil, Iron Fist and Defenders, now form the foundation for a spate of upcoming Netflix miniseries’. Together with the aforesaid Daredevil, it’s also Brian Michael Bendis’ best work. ‘Alias’ is the story of private detective Jessica Jones. She’s tough, smart and troubled- and she’s a former low-level superhero. Due to her tenuous hero connections, the crimes Jessica gets involved with often find her mixed up in the business the Avengers themselves. Because this is a Max title, watching foul-mouthed, pulls-no-punches Jessica interact with Captain America and company is amusing and rather refreshing. She’s a great character, and I’m very excited to see how the onscreen adaptation turns out. For now though, I’d highly recommend anyone still unfamiliar with this gem of a series to pick up this lovely omnibus and experience the pleasure of reading it for the first time. You certainly won’t regret it.

The mammoth book of Cult Comics
Edited by Ilya

Camila says: Amazing selection of independent comics originally released over the past 30 years, here carefully hand-picked by Ilya and collected in one single volume.

There are plenty of recognisable names on the list of creators (Eddie Campbell, Tom Kaczynski, Paul Rainey, and many others), but almost all the pieces included here were all new to me, and I can’t think Ilya enough for making these available for our enjoyment.

Staff Picks – Week of 15/10/2014

In Real Life
Cory Doctorow (w), Jen Wang (a)
First Second

Camila says: I had been anxiously waiting for this book ever since hearing it was in the works, a good couple of years ago. Now it’s here, it’s every bit as great as I expected, AND we have a limited bookplate edition of the book, exclusive to Orbital.

The book is a comic adaptation of one of Cory Doctorow’s short stories, originally published on salon.com, where it can still be read in its entirety; and now also brought to life with Jen Wang’s gorgeous art.

For those unfamiliar with Doctorow’s work, he is an amazing writer, both of sci-fi and non-fiction books; journalist; activist and co-editor of boing boing. He’s also an outstanding public speaker, and we’ll have the pleasure of having him giving a talk here at Orbital in a few weeks time, on November 12th. Click here for more details.

Star Trek: New Visions #3 Cry Vengeance
John Bryne
IDW Publishing

Thomas says: I’ve picked this series before but feel that it’s just so good that I had to pick it again. I also wish to reiterate my hatred of fumetti as a way of illustrating just how good this series is, that I can overlook such a horrid form of comic. This issue is a sequel to the classic episode “The Doomsday Machine” building on the episode and providing minor backstory for the titular weapon. It’s a great story from a master cartoonist who is also a TOS junkie like me. Give it a try.

Amazing Spider-man Volume 1: The Parker Luck
Dan Slott (w), Humberto Ramos (a)
Marvel Comics

Ryan says: Peter Parker returns to his body, and classic red and blue garb, after a long absence courtesy of one Doctor Octopus, but things aren’t exactly back to normal for our favourite web-slinger. His friendships have been tested to breaking point, his love life practically dissolved, and a newfound responsibility in managing his own scientific R&D business, Parker Industries! On top of all this, there’s a new spider-themed femme fatale in town, who could make his job a lot easier or a hell of a lot worse. It looks as though Pete’s famous bad luck isn’t running out any time soon. A great and fun read, and perfect jumping on point for those who’ve not read a Spidey coming in a while!

Daredevil Volume 1: Devil at Bay
Mark Waid (w), Chris Samnee (a)
Marvel Comics

Will says: Daredevil has been one of the very few consistently great superhero titles in recent years. The new series is brought to you by the same creative team that saw out the end of the last one, so its relaunch for “All-New Marvel Now” seems pointless. One of the few changes sees our blind lawyer away from the comfort of Hell’s Kitchen and to his new home in San Francisco. Other than this, Daredevil remains pleasantly the same. Waid’s understanding of the character really shows through Matt Murdock’s amazing inner monologues. The fantastic use of the onomatopoeia and Samnee’s pink panels while simulate Daredevil’s power, really help the audience to experience first-hand Matt’s disability, but also his greatest strength. Another reason that makes this series so alluring is that, for the most part, Daredevil seems to be independent from the rest of the confusing mess that spews out of the Marvel Universe. Great book, and a volume one means it’s a great starting point for those new to Daredevil.

The Memory Collectors
IDW Publishing

Elektra says: That spiritually inclined, monster fighting fetish models are generally worth one’s time. In the midst of vague theological ruminations you have latex-engulfed bosoms, corsets and 10-inch heels antagonising disembodiments of post-modern angst. Menton3’s fabulous illustration in glossy A3 hardcover. Surely I needn’t go on before you decide you need this in your life.

New Comics – Week of 22/10/2014

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The Orbiting Pod Episode 169

169photoWelcome to Episode 169 of the Orbiting Pod!

This week, we hooq up with Batgirl #35, cast a spell with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1, go down to the woods with Birthright #1, endure hubble, bubble, toil & trouble with Wytches #1, and much more!

Our bookplates of ‘In Real Life’ are here!

Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang’s new book In Real Life is out today, and we have just put our super special, orbital exclusive, limited, signed bookplate edition out on the shelves.


Come get yours now!

Following up on the release of the book, we’ll have the pleasure of receiving Cory Doctorow here at Orbital for a talk on November 12. More details here.

The Orbiting Pod Episode 168


Welcome to Episode 168 of The Orbiting Pod!

This week, we hit the top of the class with Gotham Academy #1, look for worth with Thor #1, put a raygun to our heads with Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1, experience true grit with Men of Wrath #1, and much more!

New Comics – Week of 15/10/2014

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