daytripper 10 Daytripper #10
by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba

Camila says: Last issue of Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba’s brilliant series. As expected, beautiful art and brilliantly innovative storytelling.
glamourpuss 15 Glamourpuss #15
by Dave Sim

Karl says: This is insane. But worth it for the letters page alone.

billy the kid 1 Billy The Kid’s Old timey oddities
by Eric Powell

Sharon says: Kyle Hotz’s art is beautiful, yet hollow and disturbing at every turn.

batman and robin 14 Batman and Robin #14
by Grant Morrison

Simon says: The abiding sense of menacing camp that Morrison has been bringing to his various bat-books of late is complemented incredibly well in this issue by Frazer Irving’s hyper-detailed, yet expressively cartooned faces and his sickly washed out palette. The best Morrison book in ages.