2000 AD 40th Anniversary Extravaganza in Hammersmith


This past weekend, the Orbital crew were deeply involved in the 2000 AD 40th Anniversary Extravaganza in Hammersmith. As well as delivering a full stall with oodles of back issues at excellent prices, our roving podcasters and ambassadors hosted talks and oversaw live draws with a variety of comics royalty!


Adam hosted live drawing sessions with Charlie Adlard, Simon Bisley and Jock while they worked their magic on the screen. Jason chatted candidly with Peter Milligan and Robbie Morrison.


This was a splendidly curated convention, with space given equally to the different events, while the main hall throbbed with a plethora of Tharg’s remarkable creator droids signing and sketching from start to finish.

With entire families of 2000AD fans wandering around enjoying all the ZARJAZ activities, stalls and some excellent cosplay, the day had a real good vibe, and hopefully we won’t have to wait another decade for the next one!


The Slaine bar was my favourite!