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New Comics – Week of 07/10/2015


Dark Horse Adam.3 #3 Angel And Faith Season 10 #19 Barb Wire #4 Dead Vengeance #1 Goon Once Upon A Hard Time #4 Lara Croft Frozen Omen #1 This Damned Band #3 Tomorrows #3 DC Comics Action Comics #45 Batman…

Staff Picks – Week of 30/09/2015


Batman Annual #4 James Tynion IV (w), Roge Antonio (a) DC Comics Liz says: Annual #4 is a fun, suspenseful little done-in-one wherein the currently beardy, mind-wiped Bruce Wayne returns to Wayne Manor for the first time since the Arkham…

The Orbiting Pod Episode 190


Welcome to Episode 190 of The Orbiting Pod!

This week, join Will, Joe, Adam & Owen as they discuss the latest comics releases, including:

Tokyo Ghost – Is it a haunting apparition, or just a bedsheet?

Captain America: White – Once they re(a)d it, were they feeling blue?

Paybacks – Does it settle the tab, or head into debt?

All this and more!

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Orbital in Conversation Episode 150 – Talking Fight Club with Chuck Palahniuk!


Hello and welcome to Orbital In Conversation – the podcast of Orbital Comics in central London! We’re very excited to be part of the team at Multiversity Comics as not only are they an excellent group of people, but they…

New Comics – Week of 30/09/2015


Dark Horse Colder Toss The Bones #1 Conan The Avenger #18 Zodiac Starforce #2 DC Comics American Vampire Second Cycle #10 Aquaman #44 Batman Annual #4 Batman Arkham Knight Annual #1 Grayson Annual #2 Green Lantern Annual #4 Justice League…

Staff Picks – Week of 23/09/2015


One-Punch Man Vol. 1 and 2 One (w), Yusuke Murata (a) Viz Media Thomas says: For whatever reason Viz have released the first two volumes of this web series at the same time and I for one am not complaining…